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September 15, 2010 / 4familyandchild

How to raise your family in today’s world?

This is going to be the beginning of me sharing with you the following;

1. What makes ‘Our Family Plan’ unique?

2. Who should attend the ‘Our Family Plan’ program?

3. Why should anyone attend a family program like this?

4. How does our process  work?

Let’s begin with question number one: What makes ‘Our Family Plan’ unique? When I started to create this program for families, I really did not have a clear vision of, How to do it? or What will make it different?

That led me to begin a very in-depth research process. The first step was to look for any and all programs designed to help families in any and all situations ranging from Happy and Healthy to Families with an Incarcerated parent and everyone in between. What I discovered was you can find self-help programs targeting Faith, Self, Family or Children, However there were none that included all four. If you have read my book Dad its time to tell the TRUTH! Chapter 19 is titled God, Self, Family and Child. Here is an excerpt from that chapter.

“As I sit here on Saturday morning, June 20, 2009, I am trying to create the most effective conclusion to this story about what happens when:

  • Both parents “hate each other more than they love their children”
  • The court system decides what’s in the “best interest” of the children
  • You can become a “deadbeat dad or mom” with the help of the court system
  • “Children without choice are caught in the middle of total dysfunctional bullshit”
  • Every “family member and friend suffers along with us”
  • How and what to do before it’s too late

After sincere meditation and prayer, I believe that I am now very focused on the true value of life. What I have learned is that material gains mean nothing compared to the loss of emotional stability and the sanctity of family”.

After reliving every moment of my life year by year what I realized was without Faith, Self respect, Commitment to Family, and both parents true value of their children. There is Hell to pay!

In closing, and to answer that first question;

What makes ‘Our Family Plan’ unique? It may be the closest thing to a Instruction Manual for raising your family. The most unique attribute of ‘Our Family Plan’ is this we don’t teach you how to raise your family, we simply show you how to apply what you may already know!

Through our 4 – 8 – 12 Time spaced learning system. More to follow soon.


Tony Rassini

August 25, 2010 / 4familyandchild

‘Our Family Plan’

A unique program I would like to share with any parent in any situation!
‘Our Family Plan’
An intensive pro – active program that is simple but not always easy. Our plan is an Inner – Faith solution driven process to build and maintain a healthy and secure family unit. You build your foundation on the four core principals of;
God – Self – Family – Children.

Why does the average American couple start planning their wedding approximately a year before the actual date?
For everyone the answer to that question is different yet very similar.

Now I ask you this…..

How many minutes, hours, days, weeks or months do the same couple from every walk of life spend planning for their family’s spiritual, functional and sustainable future?

As a parent of 4 children from two different mothers of which my time married to both was 20 years total.  I can honestly say that the only time we spent planning our Family’s future, was when trouble came upon us. We were totally reactive as opposed to proactive. This posting is the beginning of a several part series to introduce you to a program that I with the help of 2 different organizations created; it is ‘Our Family Plan’. Check back Friday for the first installment of many. If by chance you would like to know more now, go to
Our Commitment to You
Our team is dedicated to providing you with the advice you need to build healthy long-term family relationships. We offer helpful programs, public speaking arrangements, and consultations that are designed to help you become a more nurturing and effective parent. Call today to arrange a consultation with our helpful family planning experts.
God Bless you,
Tony Rassini
August 18, 2010 / 4familyandchild

1st Annual Fathers and Families Conference

Tony Rassini, CEO of 4 Family and Child, has proudly accepted an opportunity to be the Conference Director for the Delaware Valley Fathers and Families 1st Annual Conference. This conference will be held in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. The conference dates are November 11th through 13th, 2010. Dana Ross, Executive Director of the DVFFC has a mission to create the most effective and beneficial conference ever to be held in the Delaware Valley her focus is her mission.

DVFFC Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of fathers and families by fostering creative partnerships with fatherhood organizations, community leaders, schools, practitioners, churches and individuals to enhance the quality of services and programs available for fathers and families in the Delaware Valley Region.

This conference will be attended by many Federal, State agencies, as well as associations and organizations, all with a common Goal

To place fathers, practitioners and organizations on common ground with the passion to support them and make a viable difference in the lives and careers of the fathers and service providers. DVFFC will have updates weekly and information packages and registration process online within the next week. If you are an Association or Organization interested in Sponsorship opportunities please email me ASAP.

Our Kids deserve both Parents!

July 30, 2010 / 4familyandchild

How the Book Came to Be

It began in mid-April 2009 during my son Nick’s incarceration. Nick and his therapist asked me to be involved in 5 weeks of tele-conference therapy sessions with them.

At the last session, which lasted an hour, I said my ‘thank you’s’ to his therapist and goodbye to Nick. Five minutes later my cell phone rang again, it was Nick, his therapist, and this time, Nick’s mom. Nick had requested that both parents be participants in this call, his goal, The Truth.

For one hour, NIck controlled and facilitated the questions, and the rules. His way or the highway. Nick was in charge, and his Mom and I both agreed to this. At the end of the hour I was put on hold. Two minutes later Nick returned and told me his Mom was not in the room. At that point he said, “Dad, you and Mom have been saying the same things for as long as I can remember. I am sick of this BULLSHIT!”. He paused, then said, “Dad, I want to know the TRUTH!”

At that moment I made a promise to my son, with his therapist’s agreement, that when I came to visit the next month that I would bring “The TRUTH”.

After I hung up the phone I was faced with an incredible challenge, “how do I do this? what is the real proof?”. I was not going to let my son down again, I was not going to fail! This time, the TRUTH would prevail!

To help me keep my promise, the only thing I could think to do was to start writing a chronological history from the day I met his mother. And my work began.

For the next 3 months I wrote, remembered, researched, dug up old emails and court documents, etc. More importantly, I turned to NIck’s siblings and every family member and friend that had traveled those 20 years with me. What was revealed to me was a true divine intervention…

I brought “the TRUTH” and the proof of the truth. It took several visits to get through it all. He did thank me, because he now knows “the TRUTH”. More importantly, he knows who had been consistently telling the truth.

In conclusion, and against the advice and opinion of all four of my children, I chose to publish the ‘letter’ as a book, “Dad, it’s time to tell the truth!” by Tony Rassini.

July 30, 2010 / 4familyandchild

A True Story of a Father’s Failure and It’s Affect on His Loved Ones

Our Founder, Tony Rassini, author of the book, Dad, it’s time to tell the truth! speaks about the painful journey of self-discovery that became a book and is now a program designed to help families.

July 30, 2010 / 4familyandchild

Introducing, ‘Our Family Plan’

4 Family and Child presents ‘Our Family Plan’ an intensive planning process that will help build and sustain a family foundation for your family based on the four principals of:

God – Self – Family – Child

How will you benefit from participating in ‘Our Family Plan’?

Any family or individual can seek out and find self-help books, and even self-help workshops lasting from 1 to 3 days.  However, due to the fact that Tony Rassini, the creator of ‘Our Family Plan’ is just a person like the participants, his goal was to create a program that could be implemented from the first hour and continue day-after-day. 

The ultimate benefit for program participants is this; The program is designed to assist each individual in the family to identify their own unique skills and strengths, along with the challenges and weaknesses they bring to the table.  Then the tools torepair, improve, practice and build a sustainable family unit are implemented, based on the four core principles of God/Faith, Self-respect, the Family Unit and Child.

How long will it take to complete the ‘Our Family Plan’ program?

‘Our Family Plan’ is a 40-hour program that allows for presentation either five 8-hour days in a row, or one 8-hour day five weeks in a row.  The greatest success of our program will require families to be committed to making the time to participate in the progam; time is the first step.

How can you know if the program will be helpful to you and your family?

Any family, in any situation – from pre-marital, to divorced, married, co-parenting after divorce, foster families, single parents, families with incarcerated loved onces, etc – will benefit if they believe in the following tenants:

  • children learn by example; they learn what they live
  • no single person can implement change along; change has to be a family effort
  • sometimes, a person is trapped into playing the role of the father, mother, older sister, or older brother
  • you must incorporate lasting values; they are the pillars which will hold a family together.  A family without solid values easily crumbles when trials and tributions need to be faced
  • as parents, you need to be a solid model of faith for children to grow into healthy and responsible individuals
  • family life needs to be nourished by spending time to build it up.  It is easy to fall into the trap of being a workaholic in order to attain financial stability, but it is not healthy for the family if you lose the balance
  • parents should be positive role models for their children in every way possible.  That includes time spent with the family and being visible at important family milestones; this results in respect, trust and admiration from family members

Who is the ‘Our Family Plan’ program designed to benefit?

  • single parents
  • co-parenting couples
  • married couples with children
  • pre-marital couples
  • pre-divorce parents
  • military families
  • grandparents raising children
  • foster parents
  • legal guardian households
  • families with incarcerated loved ones